Sunday, September 22, 2019

This can't be It

This can't be it.
Let us end the things
Or let the things end you
But, this can't be it.

Thursday, May 16, 2019


All the girls with the name Hunar will be one of the most learned, witty and smart amongst their friend circles. They will be the guiding stars in one of the darkest moments of anyone’s lives.
People around girls with the name Hunar will get the motivation to excel in whatever they love to do.
Specially to the needy, she will bring that much needed smile.
Hunar will be synonymous to the one to look up to.
If you are planning to name your daughter Hunar, go for it because not all are lucky enough to have a daughter, forget having the one named Hunar

Teach her to hold the pen but remember to let her write her own future 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

मना नहीं करूँगा

दे  सब  मुश्किलें , दे  सारी  तकलीफ
पर  साथ  मे , उम्मीद  ज़रूर  देना
तब  फिर  मै  , मना  नहीं  करूँगा

दे  कुछ  ठुकराने  वाले  लोग, दे  थोड़ा  अकेलापन  भी
पर  उस  पल  मे , दे  कुछ  याद  करने  वाले  बीते  पल  भी
तब  फिर  मै  , मना  नहीं  करूँगा

वो  खेल  दे , कि वो  हार  जाए , वो  पहेलियाँ  की  समझ  न  आए
पर  साथ  मे  वो  हाथ  पड़ने  वाला  भी  दे , भले आइना  ही  सही
तब  फिर  मै  , मना  नहीं  करूँगा

कुछ  रोज़ , जब  लगे  कि वो  कहाँ  आ  गयी , लगे  क्यूँ  है यहां
साथमे  दे  वो  रास्ता  निकलने  का , वो  घड़ी  चुनने  की
तब  फिर  मै  , मना  नहीं  करूँगा

गलत  होने  दे  उससे , कभी  चाहे  पता  भी  न  चले
पर  अगर  गिरे  तो , एक  हाथ  आगे  कर  देना
तब  फिर  मै  , मना  नहीं  करूँगा

बोलना , खुद  से  ज़ादा  किसी  से  कुछ  उम्मीद  न  करे
खुद  से  ज़ादा  समय  और  किसी को  न  दे
खुद  है  तो  खुदा  है , याद  दिलाना  उसे

अच्छी  है , मेरी है , थोड़ी  तेरी  भी  शायद
हो  पाए  तो  बित्ते  भर  की  किस्मत  भी  दे  देना , गिरे  तो  खुद  उठ  जाने  की  हिम्मत  भी
तब  फिर  मै  , मना  नहीं  करूँगा

Thursday, May 2, 2019

The One, The new Me

She, like a petal of the white midnight flower, with a quiver
Or the glittering polished pebbles, along the flowing river
Or the verse sitting in the poet's mind
That's the freshness that bloomed, one of a kind

The smile, ahh like someone just got new eyes
The cheer on the little one's face when dad returns from war cries
Look on the sunflower, seeing the first sunray
Look on hearing mum's laugh, they say

So tiny, as a thought that just went past
As fragile as the first drop, on top of my ship's mast,
Oh the shadow, as small when the sun shining in the noon
The petite look, as a kid staring at the moon

Time started with the big bang in some distant world
Time slowed on the 17th Feb for a few hours
And it stopped amongst the first few cries
I felt that pumping heart after a few tries

On the 17th, I was the "first" to hold
Life creates another life, the miracle unfold
Keep smiling, fill the world with joy
Spreading happiness with that coy

I don't pray much, almost a non-believer, from long
Haven't done that many great things, to be bestowed upon
The first words the "gha" and "ghu" when heard
I knew that's my lovely cuckoo bird

You are the reason to feel alive
You are the reason to feel
You are the new me,
You are, so I am

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Switching Lanes

Do you drive fast ?
No that's not the question actually.
But the question to be asked is
Do you drive faster enough, or not ?

On those crossroads of life,
where you've to take a turn
everyone tries to take that "right" turn
believing it'll be the final move

But no.With all the very rights, and the ugly lefts
Its about switching lanes too !!!
Where friends honk if you're too slow
Foes, if they're too slow

Strangely that day, no one seems honking
Strangely that day, no lefts, no rights were visible
Strangely that day, no lefts, no rights were visible
I was alone on the roads
And they appeared going no where

There came questions, I can't answer
There came those thoughts, I can't fathom
There came the light, that felt annoying
and there came the void, I carried somewhere from long...

Were these roads really taking me anywhere ?
Is reaching just the delusion, like starting was ?
Why was I driving at all, getting closer to whom ? getting away from where ?
Were the rights and lefts just some mind game ?
And ahh, are these games mine or not ??
who answers ? who knows ? who cares ?

Friday, December 14, 2012


Hi World...

Got Married, this 30th November, 2012
and with the Best Girl in the world ...

*Kanika*, her name
K, the letter I was in love with, from time immemorial


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

हाँ तुम ही तो थी, 'K'

हाँ तुम ही तो थी ,
जिन्हें उन धुंधले से सपनों मे कभी देखा करता था
हाँ तुम ही तो थी ,
उन रातों की वो चाँदनी , अकेले मे जिससे, कभी बातें करता था

हाँ तुम ही तो थी ,
उस धुप मे ठंडी छाँव ,
उस सर्द रात में अंगीठी की आंच
या कोहरे को हटाते, सूरज की किरण

कभी कुछ  ज़ादा माँगा नहीं , कभी किसी को इतना  पूजा नहीं
पर हाँ,
पाने की अगर कोई चाह, या जीने की कोई वजह
अगर कोई थी, तो वो भी, हाँ तुम ही तो थी
तुम ही हो, और तुम ही रहोगी

My triumph....truth & purity...

For those who can make out a lot from the things i wrote...
For those who believe in remnants
But more for those who believe in rebirth...

Depths n Heights have no limits...n if u've seen, then U Haven't Started Yet