Thursday, December 3, 2015

Switching Lanes

Do you drive fast ?
No that's not the question actually.
But the question to be asked is
Do you drive faster enough, or not ?

On those crossroads of life,
where you've to take a turn
everyone tries to take that "right" turn
believing it'll be the final move

But no.With all the very rights, and the ugly lefts
Its about switching lanes too !!!
Where friends honk if you're too slow
Foes, if they're too slow

Strangely that day, no one seems honking
Strangely that day, no lefts, no rights were visible
Strangely that day, no lefts, no rights were visible
I was alone on the roads
And they appeared going no where

There came questions, I can't answer
There came those thoughts, I can't fathom
There came the light, that felt annoying
and there came the void, I carried somewhere from long...

Were these roads really taking me anywhere ?
Is reaching just the delusion, like starting was ?
Why was I driving at all, getting closer to whom ? getting away from where ?
Were the rights and lefts just some mind game ?
And ahh, are these games mine or not ??
who answers ? who knows ? who cares ?

Friday, December 14, 2012


Hi World...

Got Married, this 30th November, 2012
and with the Best Girl in the world ...

*Kanika*, her name
K, the letter I was in love with, from time immemorial


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

हाँ तुम ही तो थी, 'K'

हाँ तुम ही तो थी ,
जिन्हें उन धुंधले से सपनों मे कभी देखा करता था
हाँ तुम ही तो थी ,
उन रातों की वो चाँदनी , अकेले मे जिससे, कभी बातें करता था

हाँ तुम ही तो थी ,
उस धुप मे ठंडी छाँव ,
उस सर्द रात में अंगीठी की आंच
या कोहरे को हटाते, सूरज की किरण

कभी कुछ  ज़ादा माँगा नहीं , कभी किसी को इतना  पूजा नहीं
पर हाँ,
पाने की अगर कोई चाह, या जीने की कोई वजह
अगर कोई थी, तो वो भी, हाँ तुम ही तो थी
तुम ही हो, और तुम ही रहोगी

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Time is God

शाम , ज़िन्दगी का वो ठहराव ;
                                    या अंत की शुरुआत
शाम , उन  यादों का ख़त्म होना ;
                                    या उसी गम मे खुद का ख़त्म हो जाना
शाम , कल  की सुबह का इंतज़ार ;
                                    या आज के अंत का गम

क्या ये फिर वही शाम , जो कल भी आई थी ?
या वो शाम,जो फिर नही आएगी ...

At times in life when we don't know we are right or not.
Life seems stuck, at a stand still in between of the past and the future.
The question arises, will there be joy and 'life' in the fast approaching future.

Wild guesses, I can make, sitting at the juncture, at the very same shaam of life

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dew drops on my eye lashes

फीकी वजह , धुधली सी पुरानी  यादें ।सिमटी ख्वाइशे और पिघलते सपने
हाँ , वजह, शायद वो एक वजह ;
कहीं किसी कोने में , दबी ही सही, पर साँस ज़रूर लेती है ।

Old reasons, dull thoughts, may be all too hazy to be felt,
the wishes,bundled up, now a rustic pile
But yes, reasons, or may be just one of them left
Left in self-created shackles of my heart, all tied
but still do breathe, do live, The One reason lives.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shiny Darkness

Lonely roads are lovely
For sure they are,
But its the loveliness that fill up the heart
The love of just loving yourself
The smile that is just meant for your soul

Lonely moon, up there in my sky,
I know appears sad, no stars to befriend
But down there, in his heart, why I feel today
This is what he was destined to
The love in being lonely is what drives him tonight

The moon clocks the same pace,
Either with his stars or hanging up there alone.
Why do I need others to match the pace,
Why do I feel defeated being alone

So its not loneliness that kills us, everyone
Its the hearts way to feel he is alone
Its not being alone that is killing me,
Its the fear of being alone that sucks

Please my loneliness, falling in love with me, Again. 
Make me a part of your joy, show me your smiling self,
I too want to smile with you, want to stare in your eyes…

Thursday, May 31, 2012

For IIM R…

What a life, a joy indeed
IIM it is, result of some nice deed
Where the life rocks, fun unplugging
No longer sitting dully and code debugging

Jokes apart, the roads are long
Life is a fun, but challenges prolong
Its not how you reach yr goals, milestones you embrace
All it matters is, what new ones u choose, and how you face

I've smelt the sweet, and bitter truths of life
I've tasted victories and failures all along those paths,
But now, I see a shining star, near the horizons
I feel the warm blood, pumping in my veins

The few things learnt, I'll do bring 'em in, a deal
"Life is a race" fr sure, but each of us running his own, I feel
IIM Rohtak, a head start from the rest, the crowd
We are here to learn, give our best, and make all proud

My triumph....truth & purity...

For those who can make out a lot from the things i wrote...
For those who believe in remnants
But more for those who believe in rebirth...

Depths n Heights have no limits...n if u've seen, then U Haven't Started Yet