Thursday, December 3, 2015

Switching Lanes

Do you drive fast ?
No that's not the question actually.
But the question to be asked is
Do you drive faster enough, or not ?

On those crossroads of life,
where you've to take a turn
everyone tries to take that "right" turn
believing it'll be the final move

But no.With all the very rights, and the ugly lefts
Its about switching lanes too !!!
Where friends honk if you're too slow
Foes, if they're too slow

Strangely that day, no one seems honking
Strangely that day, no lefts, no rights were visible
Strangely that day, no lefts, no rights were visible
I was alone on the roads
And they appeared going no where

There came questions, I can't answer
There came those thoughts, I can't fathom
There came the light, that felt annoying
and there came the void, I carried somewhere from long...

Were these roads really taking me anywhere ?
Is reaching just the delusion, like starting was ?
Why was I driving at all, getting closer to whom ? getting away from where ?
Were the rights and lefts just some mind game ?
And ahh, are these games mine or not ??
who answers ? who knows ? who cares ?

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For those who believe in remnants
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