Thursday, May 16, 2019


All the girls with the name Hunar will be one of the most learned, witty and smart amongst their friend circles. They will be the guiding stars in one of the darkest moments of anyone’s lives.
People around girls with the name Hunar will get the motivation to excel in whatever they love to do.
Specially to the needy, she will bring that much needed smile.
Hunar will be synonymous to the one to look up to.
If you are planning to name your daughter Hunar, go for it because not all are lucky enough to have a daughter, forget having the one named Hunar

Teach her to hold the pen but remember to let her write her own future 

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My triumph....truth & purity...

For those who can make out a lot from the things i wrote...
For those who believe in remnants
But more for those who believe in rebirth...

Depths n Heights have no limits...n if u've seen, then U Haven't Started Yet